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You want to prepare your company for the future? Avoid potential disruptions? Stay competitive in the market for the long term? You simply want to know what’s coming next?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, startups and scaleups are the drivers of change. Collaborating with these innovators, corporations can unlock tremendous potential for innovation and growth. innflux offers cutting-edge startup scouting services to corporates worldwide to mitigate the risk of disruption while accelerating innovation and growth.


One Service, Unlimited Applications

Whether you want to identify new business opportunities, drive R&D, revise your innovation strategy or simply want to stay up to date, we are here to help. Discover the application areas where our scouting services most often generate value for our clients.


Boost your turnover by identifying startups and scaleups similar to your existing customers as new sales targets.

Business Development

Seize new business opportunities by exploring emerging business models, technologies, and trends.


Advance R&D initiatives through comprehensive insights and collaborative partnerships with startups and scaleups.

Product Development

Accelerate product development by gaining insights in evolving customer needs and engaging the right providers in your development process.

Innovation Process

Discover disruptive emerging companies and technologies for effective long-term decision-making and innovation strategy development.

Corporate Strategy

Steer your company's future direction by understanding what emerging competitors are up to and which technologies will impact your sector's focus.

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Efficient, lean,
and flexible

Free your organisation from the sheer endless scouting activities. Let us handle your scouting processes and benefit from unrivalled expertise, efficiency, and adaptability.

Save Resources

Stop the tedious and repetetive scouting endeavor and save valuable internal resources. Let us do the work and focus on what matters most - your business.

Our Partners


Trust our proven track record of 100+ successful scouting projects with some of the most advanced companies.

Minimal Effort

Rely on our sophisticated scouting technology processing millions of data points to provide you with unparalleled insights into the global innovation ecosystems.


Receive your customized scouting in minimum time to avoid losing momentum on your innovation projects. From kick-off to result delivery in only 5 working days.

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Gather insights into first promising startups & scaleups that help you stay ahead of the curve by browsing our curated company lists. And yes – testing us is completely free.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Discover 30 companies changing the face of generative artificial intelligence.

Sustainable Packaging

Discover 30 companies improving the footprint of packaging.

Agriculture Technology

Discover 30 companies transforming the path of agriculture.

Food & Beverage Technology

Discover 30 companies reshaping our food and nutrition system.


Discover 30 companies working on tomorrow's mobility.


Discover 30 companies innovating on moving goods.


Discover 30 companies shaping the future of healthcare.


Discover 30 companies innovating our energy grids.

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Got Questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

innflux's scouting services are the ideal solution for any organization looking for startups and scaleups to collaborate, invest, acquire, or to simply get an overview of the emerging disruptors in your industry - no matter whether you are an accelerator, corporation, investor, event organizer, innovation lab or incubator.

Following the acceptance of our proposal, we define the search field to be scouted and all relevant search criteria in a kick-off meeting with you. During the scouting process, a feedback loop of the intermediate results takes place to guarantee the best possible result that meets your expectations. After finishing our scouting activities, we provide you with the final lead list including all the relevant data points you initially requested.

The outcome of a scouting project generally depends on your specific requirements. The results we have provided to our clients so far include lead lists of startups and scaleups, rankings as well as ecosystem mappings. Should you be interested in a differing solution, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

At innflux, we only aggregate company data that is publicly available to ensure our scouting services to be fully GDPR compliant.

We at innflux care that you make a well-founded decision for collaborating with us. That's why we make preview portfolios with exciting startups and scaleups from a wide range of industries available to you. However, please note that these exemplary and publicly accessible lead lists come without any contact details to comply with GDPR.

innflux's analysts work at high-speed on your search fields to provide you with the fastest possible support for your innovation projects. Our guarantee is to deliver the results for one search field within ten working days. Should you request multiple search fields, we can discuss an individual framework that suits your timeline

innflux neither provides its startup scouting technology to clients for self-use nor for licensing. We aim to help clients effortlessly identify the most promising startups by using our scouting services. Simply providing access to our scouting technology, pushes the scouting effort back to the client and thus contradicts our vision.

In more than 100 successfully conducted scouting projects, we gained experience in all industries ranging from automotive to warehousing. Each of your projects will always be assigned to an analyst who either has relevant knowledge in your industry or is able to acquire it.