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innflux is your go-to partner for identifying startups & scaleups, technologies, and industry trends across the global innovation ecosystems. Using our proprietary scouting technology, our experienced scouting experts save you weeks of research to identify the most relevant partners that drive innovation and growth in your organization.
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innflux empowers the world's leading innovators through data.

Our Process

Our scouting services follow a methodically established and streamlined process. Learn how we can collaborate to source the most relevant companies for your organization's innovation challenges.

Kick-Off/ Define

We support you in defining your desired search field.

In a kick-off meeting, you describe the innovation topic to be scouted. We support and advise you in determining the specific search criteria such as geographic area, funding stage, company age, team size & expertise, etc.

Kick-Off/ Define


We find the best startups & scaleups matching your unique search requirements.

We identify the best companies to solve your organization’s concrete innovation challenges by relying on our data-driven and technology-based scouting process.



We validate our scouting activities exactly in your desired direction.

Stay in the loop during the scouting process and confirm in an interim meeting that our scouting efforts are precisely matching your expectations. Because your satisfaction and the applicability of results is our top priority.



We provide you with your customized scouting portfolio. validate our scouting activities exactly in your desired direction.

Receive the scouting portfolio of startups and scaleups tailored to your specific innovation challenges and search criteria. And yes, we work fast – we deliver results in 5 business days.



We contact the right companies for you and get you in touch.

Reach out to scouted startups & scaleups through our automated process using established and personalized methods and messages. We exploit multiple channels such as email, LinkedIn or phone to ensure getting you in touch with the most relevant companies.


Why innflux?

Benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience we provide, the technology we apply, and the customization and speed at which we deliver results – all to help you identify the best startups and scaleups for your innovation projects.

Access our analyst team's scouting expertise

Leverage our analyst team's experience and expertise from over 100 scouting projects to identify startups & scaleups that precisely match your specific search requirements.

Fully customize scouting results to your needs

Tailor startup scouting exactly to your needs. You decide which company data (firmographic, financial, and contact data) is relevant for your innovation projects and should be included in your deliverables.

Rely on our sophisticated technology for global startup discovery

Rely on our sophisticated scouting technology processing millions of data points from websites, external and internal company databases, giving you unparalleled insights into the global innovation ecosystems.

Receive scouting results at light speed

Get your customized startup scouting in minimum time to keep up the momentum on your innovation topics/projects. From kick-off to result delivery in only 5 working days.

Whom we support​

Our scouting services support different organizations with very diverse needs.

Discover how we can help you achieve your innovation goals.


Find the right startups & scaleups for partnerships, PoCs, strategy development, R&D, or market analyses. No matter how specific your innovation challenges are, we help you solve them.

Startup Programs

Find the most relevant startups & scaleups for your accelerator, incubator or innovation lab. We manage your entire scouting process and boost the quality of your applications.


Find the newest and highest quality startups & scaleups to invest in or acquire. We support your deal sourcing process helping you to find the best targets.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence

Discover 30 companies changing the face of generative artificial intelligence.

Sustainable Packaging

Discover 30 companies improving the footprint of packaging.

Agriculture Technology

Discover 30 companies transforming the path of agriculture.

Food & Beverage Technology

Discover 30 companies reshaping our food and nutrition system.


Discover 30 companies working on tomorrow's mobility.


Discover 30 companies innovating on moving goods.


Discover 30 companies shaping the future of healthcare.


Discover 30 companies innovating our energy grids.

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